July 25, 2024
Become a truck mechanic: What training to follow?

Become a truck mechanic: What training to follow?


The trade of truck mechanic is one of the various trades that can be practiced in the automotive field. This noble profession requires specific prerequisites as well as an adequate physical appearance. Does this job inspire you? Discover in this article all the workings of the truck technician profession as well as the training to follow.

What is the job of a truck mechanic?

Also called industrial vehicle mechanic, this job consists in controlling and maintaining in good condition the electrical and electronic elements constituting a heavy vehicle. Its work includes, among other things:

· the correct transmission of commands between the components of the vehicle.

Indeed, they intervene most of the time on trucks. In addition to carrying out curative maintenance operations, they also take care of the preventive maintenance of the trucks from time to time. This is how he analyzes the truck and predicts, using the findings, the various future threats to the truck or jumbo.

They often work in garages like GARAGE TANGUY , but in the event of a breakdown, the driver of the vehicle can very well call on their service. In the event of a breakdown, the heavy-lift mechanic’s work is done in 6 steps:

· Repair

They are in demand at any time of the day. Night and day… Weekends included. Its role is to ensure the safety and comfort of the vehicle driver.

Training and prerequisites necessary to work as a truck mechanic
The job of truck mechanic requires specific skills and prerequisites. In the event of a heavy truck repair , the physique of the mechanic matters a lot as well as other details.

– Prerequisites

To be successful in this position, several essential skills are required. These include, among other things:

This work requires being muscular and having great physical strength. Indeed, during a breakdown or tire puncture situation , the mechanic is often required to move heavy loads.

– The training to follow

Like all other professions, it is necessary to study or undergo training in order to acquire the necessary basics of this profession. Similarly for the truck mechanic, it is necessary to hold a certificate of professional aptitude in the maintenance of motor vehicles with an industrialized automobile option.

You can later decide to specialize in diesel engines. In addition you must have a truck license , it is an essential element. Secondly, you must have a BAC PRO in heavy vehicle maintenance. In addition, you can also have a BTS in automotive after-sales.

This will allow you to occupy other hierarchical positions during your career. Finally, you can specialize in hydraulic or diesel injection equipment. This training will allow you to do well when it comes to improving the condition of the broken down vehicle. The latter is not necessary, especially as you gain experience over the years.

Who are your potential employers?

The truck mechanic is not idle. Nowadays, there are several vehicles on the market. Each vehicle with its specificities requiring particular expertise. Also many people do not turn to this area. They say too complicated. Yet easy, yet demanding. There are many companies that recruit truck mechanics:

In conclusion, the profession of truck mechanic is a noble profession that requires specific skills. Above all, you must cultivate your curiosity and like to be informed in order to be aware of new technologies. At the same time, you will have to follow the appropriate training. To this end, several organizations provide courses in the automotive field.

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