May 26, 2024

Towing With the 2006 Ford Explorer


The automotive industry has had a bumpy and treacherous ride in the American markets; however, the Ford Explorer has managed to keep its crown and be one of the leading SUVs in the industry.

Whatever you may require, there is an Explorer Car that can make you reach your destination, no matter how bumpy the road was to swerve across treacherous conditions. The 2006 Ford Explorer is an occasional tow vehicle, that is highly overqualified due to its elegant features.

Towing Capacity of the 2006 Ford Explorer

The 2006 Ford Explorer is a powerful machine with improved safety and performance. The muscular frame of the Explorer, combined with its independent rear suspension, allows it to be more rigid and easily tow other vehicles.

A 2006 Explorer Car is one of the best explorers ever, with an improved payload and up to 7,300 lb towing capacity. The Ford Explorer Towing is highly reliable and provides excellent performance while maneuvering different automotive machinery across terrains.

The car is easy to drive and tow. The Ford Explorer Price starts at $33,625. The price may vary based on additional features or updates. If you don’t have the cash in hand, you can go to a bank to secure a loan. Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining whether your loan will be approved.

However, you can still Buy a Car Online With Bad Credit by taking tests and finding the right lender to give you the required capital. To calculate the rate of interest, you can use the Car Loan Calculator.

Power of the Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a dynamic variant of the ford series. The variant has an optional 292-hp 4.6L, three-valve V8 engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The V6 engine of the 2006 Ford Explorer is also a powerful machine and can efficiently pull and maneuver vehicles on as well as off-road.

The Explorer Car is designed with either a 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission as per the engine. To facilitate efficient towing, the gears are complemented with three friction plates enclosed in the torque converter alongside high fluid-flow rates. This allows the assembly to handle heavy loads during heavy-duty or critical operations.

A Ford Dealership has a big lot of Used Cars Inventory in the United States. These variants are properly serviced and show performance like new vehicles. The market for Used Ford Cars has drastically developed in the past few years, and gone are the days when old cars were covered in dust and rust. Used Car Dealers have turned into multi-storeyed studios where used cars are maintained as new vehicles.

Tow Across Different Grounds

The 2006 Ford Explorer has the credentials of a truck and has an all-wheel capability. The variant is designed and available at Ford Dealership, having three modes.

●  4X4 Auto (H3)

The 4X4 auto is for an everyday drive on normal roads. Here the majority of power required is on the rear wheels. However, power is also delivered to the front tires if the system senses rear-wheel slip.

●  4X4 High (H3)

The second mode of the explorer car is the 4X4 high, where there is equal distribution of power between the front and rear wheels. This mode is very handy when moving or towing vehicles off-road or through treacherous winter conditions.

●  4X4 Low (H3)

The 4X4 low mode locks the transfer case and uses a torque multiplying gear set for transferring the case. This mode is designed especially for steep or deep grades for towing. For example, towing out a boat from the water or pulling out a vehicle stuck in deep soil. The mode is the last resort before you have to make the call to get an airlift to get out of the precarious situation. These three modes are important to keep in mind while purchasing the correct variant at Ford Dealerships.

Braking System of the 2006 Ford Explorer

The increased towing capacities come with higher stopping needs. The Explorers ABS four-wheel disc brakes modulate the brake pressure to ensure that the vehicle comes to a halt on time. The brakes are redesigned specifically to shed heat more efficiently. In a vehicle weighing nearly 2.5 tons, the brakes feel progressive and unstressed.

The stability control of the Explorer Car automatically senses when the handling limits of the vehicle have exceeded and reduce engine power, thereby preventing the driver from losing control while towing a car across harsh grounds.


The 2006 Ford Explorer is a beast in its rights. Fitted with a powerful engine and a strong external frame, the Explorer has an excellent towing capacity. The reliability and safety measures of the vehicle make it a desired SUV for towing vehicles across different terrains. So, if you are second-guessing about getting your hands on this card, you will not be disappointed!

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