June 16, 2024
All about one-way car rental

All about one-way car rental


If you want to rent a vehicle for a fixed term, you may have already thought about returning the vehicle to another city. This can indeed facilitate your logistics… This is called a one -way car rental . Be aware that most rental companies charge additional fees for a drop off in another city.

These costs, also called ”  one -way” costs , ”  one way ” or ”  return costs “, are requested by the lessor from the return of the vehicleso that the latter can repatriate the vehicle to the city of origin.

The one-way trip is only possible between rental agencies of the same brand . It is therefore impossible to pick up the vehicle at Europcar in Lille and return it to Hertzin Strasbourg for example…

How to find a cheap one-way car rental?

1️⃣ If you book directly with a rental company, the amount of one-way costs is often included in the total price indicated. This can therefore inflate prices impressively.

2️⃣ Oncarigami.fr, international one- way offers are often offered by the lessor Reviews. The latter includes the amount of these costs in the total rental price.

3️⃣ Some offers may include one-way in the fare. If this is the case, the information is communicated in the details of the offer during your search on our site.

4️⃣ Call us at 01 73 79 33 33 . Get advice from our Customer Service. He will be able to tell you which companies have the best one-way car rental prices.

One-way car rental in France

In France, we have relatively high one-way costs compared to the rates of our European neighbors. For a rental of a vehicle with a manual gearbox, the one-way costs are between 75 and 90 euros including tax depending on the rental company. This can go up to 200 euros for an automatic vehicle (uncommon case).

One-way car rental in the USA

If you wantrent a car in the United States, most car rental companies in the USA apply a one- way fee which varies according to the distance between the two cities, others offer only one and the same rate regardless of the distance, and in some states, this fee are zero (in Californiaor between California andNevadafor example).

One-way car rental between two countries

You want to opt for acar rental in Paris, then return the vehicle to Berlin? Why not ! Only this process is little appreciated by rental companies who generally disapprove of their vehicles ending up abroad. Thus, they actually charge high repatriation costs.

Also note that international one- way rental is only possible from 3 days of rental.

One-way car rental: a comparison?

It is also difficult to establish an accurate comparison between the different one-way fares . Indeed, these vary from one country to another and from one renter to another.

On the other hand, you will always find this information during your search on our site (see image below), under the amount of your reservation. One-way charges are not included in the total price. This is an option that will be paid for at the counter of the agency  returning your rental car .

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