April 21, 2024
Car engine: which one to choose?

Car engine: which one to choose?


In the automotive industry, there are many motorization offers. The choice is difficult and deserves careful consideration. It’s not always easy to find the one that best suits your vehicle and your expectations. Thus, this article gives you the different types of motorization available along with some tips for use.

The diesel engine

This is the best-selling motor on the market. Indeed, motorists use the diesel engine in their daily lives to get to work. It is ideal for those who use the highways. Even though it is more expensive to purchase and maintain, it is more durable compared to other engine types. In addition, it has the quality of not consuming too much on the highways. However, as it takes time to reach the optimum temperature, it pollutes more during short journeys.

The gasoline engine

This type of engine is in the second position compared to the diesel engine. Less expensive to acquire and insure, it is also easier to maintain. It is also a very economical engine appreciated by many city dwellers. However, this engine does not respect the environment, because it releases CO2 into the air. Thus, it is better to favor the gasoline engine for city driving than on major road networks.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) engine

It is an engine powered by two tanks, one with unleaded and one with gas. Its price is more expensive than the conventional engine, but competes with the fuel cost of a gasoline vehicle. However, the LPG engine is less efficient and consumes 30% more than the others. Furthermore, it is advisable to use this engine for heavy and powerful vehicles, not seeking speed.

The electric motor

This is an innovative engine that is evolving in the car market. Moreover, vehicles equipped with this type of engine can drive nearly 400 km. In addition, the electric vehicle needs to be recharged. Therefore, if you do not have the appropriate equipment, it is advisable to go to the station. For information, the electric motor consumes more on the highway than in town. However, you can use it for urban daily trips.

The hybrid engine

This engine combines electric and internal combustion engines for ecological driving. During your short journeys, you drive in 100% electric autonomy, then after a certain speed and a certain distance, the heat engine begins to be triggered. In addition, the hybrid car is a good compromise. It is ideal for city dwellers moving into town and sometimes wanting to take a rural getaway.

Practical advice

When you own a vehicle, it is essential to regularly check the condition of its engine. Here are some practical tips:Respect your vehicle’s maintenance schedule by using quality products.
In short, the motorization offer is diversified. Thus, the choice of engine is quite difficult. However, it must be done when it is time to acquire a car. Moreover, it also depends on its use. If you are looking for a vehicle for your daily needs, the new SCOFFIER bodywork is there to satisfy you. It has a choice of engines. In addition, this company has a mechanical workshop for the realization of all usual automobile services.

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