April 21, 2024
The 6 most sought-after motor oils on the market

The 6 most sought-after motor oils on the market


Engine oil facilitates the proper functioning of other parts of the automobile. Indeed, the 10,0000 parts of your engine are all related  oil, which prevents their oxidation. However, choosing your motor oil is never easy. You have to rely on several criteria: viscosities, type, standards, etc. This is why we have selected for you the 6 best engine oils of the moment based on the criteria mentioned above.

No. 1: castrol 468567Edge 5W-30 LL

The 5W has been manufactured using Titanium FST technology, which is a technique that provides greater performance to the motor.

It guarantees optimal protection and offers impeccable fluidity to the gears. The engine will then benefit from a much longer lifespan, since it reduces friction, thus avoiding overheating.Provides your engine with good resistance;
Suitable for several car models ;
Increases the interval between the two oil changes;

No. 2: Quartz 9000 5w40

It is an oil intended mainly for the engines of vehicles with multiple valves.

It is also indicated for diesel engines which have not undergone any overcharging phenomenon. Moreover, the Quartz offers optimal protection of the catalyst.

No. 3: the Elf Evolution 900 SXR 5W40

It allows a fluid cold start without worries.

Its use optimizes the life of your engine without the need to maintain it in a garage. It is marketed in a 5 L container, which is interesting.Suitable for Diesel engines;

Suitable for petrol engines;
Viscosity index adapted to recent vehicles;
Extends the life of your engine;
It adapts to vehicles with a turbo charge.

This oil gives the pump good capacity during cold starts, which ensures perfect lubrication and protection. Moreover, its viscosity is optimal, regardless of the temperature.All car mechanics specialists certify that this 100% synthetic lubricant for 2-stroke engines is efficient.

This motor oil has a high protection formula which allows very fast combustion. It is designed to offer use as a separate grease or in a mixture of up to 2%.

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